KPAX Manage

KPAX Manage addresses a series of important issues for service providers and the organisations they serve. Keeping printers and MFDs in the field up and running is critical to productivity and keeping customers happy.

Managing a fleet of devices and manually collecting meter data and diagnostic information in real time used to be time-consuming and, in many cases, a frustrating experience. However, because KPAX automates meter collection, service diagnostic data and fully integrates with back-end billing systems, organisations can spend less time worrying about devices and more time focusing on the things that matter like customer relationships.

Empowering OEMs, dealers and distributors

Empowering OEMs, dealers and distributors

KPAX helps move dealers from an out-dated reactive service model to a state-of-the-art proactive model.

Potential problems are anticipated and fixed in a timely manner or, better still, are prevented from happening at all.

When something goes wrong with an MFD, information about the problem comes directly from the device and not the user. This allows a service technician to gather accurate data instead of relying on second-hand information over the phone. Moreover, the device reports the error condition in real-time, often letting the tech arrive on site before the customer is aware there’s a problem – this makes you look good!

As well as making a good impression, you become more efficient by eliminating unnecessary visits and their associated costs and by reducing device downtime and the frustrations caused. All of this helps improve relationships and that, we are sure you agree, is key.

Centralised Interface

Real-time active management and optimization of document output devices can help cut costs and increase efficiency.


Automated Meter Readings

As the system is automated, there is no need to call to clients to collect meter readings. This removes the likelihood of human error when recording meter readings.


Supplies Management

Cut costs and increase efficiency with true automation by letting your devices do the work for you.


Technical Failures and Alerts

KPAX offers a total remote monitoring system, providing a reliable and scalable platform that will deliver cost savings through enhanced productivity.

IT departments do not want to be inundated with requests and complaints about hardware. These are a drain on resources all round. With customisable notifications and alerts from KPAX, the people that need to know will be provided with the information required to keep clients happy, often before they know there is a problem.



We have worked with Selectec for over 5 years. With their support we have been able to satisfy our direct and indirect clients with an extremely quick turnaround time in the supply of software. Their customer service is outstanding. The personal touch they offer, their flexibility and quick reaction time, comforts us in knowing that if things were to go wrong, the support is always there.

John Sweeney, Head of Product & Solutions Support Group Toshiba UK
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