Foldr V4 Updates for January

The clever Foldr development team has been busy pushing out the next round of improvements to their application with some new Foldr v4 updates.

We’re excited about these upgrades and can’t wait to start talking to our partners about them. We welcome your feedback, so if you have any questions or suggestions get in touch with us.

Product Enhancements

Making Foldr better for everyone.

  • Last login time is now shown for fadmin in Foldr Settings. Administrators can now easily see if there is unexpected access to the admin console.
  • Minor improvements to Backup & Restore functionality (you won’t notice but it works much better now)
  • Updated libraries for creating Word and other office documents
  • Displays the public link URL in Foldr Settings > Shared Items, simply double-click any shared item for the full details.
  • Added SSO service provider template for Schoolbox


And to earn their keep the dev team have been busy bug swatting this month.

  • Fixes an issue with device remove in Foldr Settings > Users & Groups
  • Fixes an issue with SSO and unregistered devices
  • Fixes an issue with Kerberos SSO.
  • Fixes an issue with OneDrive authentication tokens expiring with manual account linking. This was causing an error in the web app if a user tried to edit a local Office document in Office Online without refreshing the authentication token by browsing OneDrive first through Foldr.
  • Fixes an issue with user filtering when exporting Activity logs
  • Fix for SSO attribute management as tenant admin
  • Fix for SSO attribute management with the tenant admin
  • Fixes an issue with SSO IdP and Kerberos

What Next?

Looking to add Foldr to your solutions portfolio or simply have some questions then get in touch with your Channel Manager.

To assist with the sales process, we are happy to provide live web based demos, reseller NFRs and make 30 day free trials available to your customers.

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Foldr V4 Updates for January

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