6 ways PaperCut reduces schools’ print costs

Printer saving money with PaperCut

With tight budgets, schools can make savings on their print costs by utilising print management software such as PaperCut.
Looking at how you can manage your print costs is a sustainable and cost-effective way to make savings without impacting the quality of education offered by your school.

Secondary school students are estimated to produce 22kg* of waste a year and it’s even higher for primary school children who produce closer to 45kg of waste a year, most of which is in the form of card and paper. Schools can look to reduce the amount of waste produced by implementing environment and print friendly software. PaperCut to the rescue!


Ways to control print costs in your school using PaperCut

1. Give users print quotas

Users can be given an allocated budget by week, month, or term. Once they’ve used their quota, they can’t print anymore! Plus there is an option to allow students to top up their accounts with additional credit.

2. Teacher approved printing

Hold prints in a queue for sign off by teachers before releasing to print.

3. Take a look at how users print with reporting

See who is printing most often, and what types of prints (e.g. colour, A3, one-sided) they’re requesting and put measures in place to help control print costs, such as forced grayscale and double-sided printing.

4. Create cost-saving print policies

Use the information gained from your reports to implement environmentally friendly and cost-effective printing, by stopping certain types of prints. In addition to forcing grayscale and duplex printing, you could also exclude email printing and force large jobs to more cost-effective printers. Got a printer that’s more expensive to print from? PaperCut can restrict the number of prints made from that printer.

5. Make users approve the job at the printer

Pausing a print job until users approve the print at the device reduces instances of mindless printing that’s just forgotten about, which go straight into the recycling bin, reducing the demand for both paper and toner!

6. It’s affordable

PaperCut’s special pricing for educational establishments ensures that you stick to your budget. You won’t pay extra for servers, workstation, printers or operating systems on your network. Plus you’ll make tons of savings from your reduced print demands.


Want to share this info with your customers? Download our handy pdf, or get in touch with the marketing department, or your account manager who can help with co-branding.

If you would like more information about Partner benefits of PaperCut or the benefits it brings to schools, get in touch with the Sales team or 01256 246 970.


Source: recyclenow

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